September 7, 2014

How to Gain Body Mass Fast

Some important steps on How to Gain Body Mass Fast include:

Step 1: Consume More Calories

Eat foods that are rich in calories such as raisins and nuts. Researchers have found out that by adding about 260 to 500 calories everyday to your daily calorie requirement, you will be able to gain between half a pound to one and a half pounds weekly. However, you should always avoid unhealthy foods such as processed meat, margarine, cookies and snacks. Such foods contain a lot of fats which are not healthy for the body.

Step 2: Lift Weights and do Exercises

Among the ways on How to Gain Body Mass Fast, weight-lifting is considered to be the best. By lifting relatively heavy weights, your body will be able to convert extra calories into strong and bulging muscles. With additional muscles on your body, your metabolism will most definitely increase and you will be required to eat more calories daily in order to maintain the weight that you gain.

You should choose the best type of weight to lift. Avoid lifting weights that are too heavy for you or weights that seem to be unbalanced. In any case you find it hard to choose the best type of weight that suits you, consult with your gym instructor in order to get the best advice. If you adhere to your weight-lifting schedule properly, you will start gaining tremendous body mass within the first month.

Step 3: Rest Your Body After Workouts

Each time after you come out of your weight-lifting session, do not engage yourself in any other vigorous activity. Instead, you should relax your mind and body well enough. As you lift weights or do other forms of exercises, your muscles get exhausted due to the depletion of muscle glycogen which normally stores energy.

Each time you rest after workouts, the body finds time to regain lost energy and your muscles get to be rebuilt strongly and firmly. Each rest after workout is important in that your body mass gets to be increased accordingly.

Step 4: Take Multivitamins

Taking multivitamins is also one of the best ways on How to Gain Body Mass Fast. It is very advisable to take at least one multivitamin daily in order for you to give your body the important minerals and vitamins that it requires. The best multivitamin is that which contains calcium, potassium, vitamin A, fiber, vitamin K, magnesium, vitamin B-complex, and vitamins C, D and E.

Your body nutrients become depleted each time you do exercises. That is the reason why it is very important for you to take multivitamins. A multivitamin helps in the replacement of lost nutrients which leads to the increase of body mass.

As you try to work on How to Gain Body Mass Fast, it is very important for you to note that multivitamins are available in liquid, tablet, capsule and soft gel forms. Even though soft gels and capsules are good, liquid multivitamins are the best because they get absorbed in the body easily and work faster. Do not take tablet multivitamins because they take long to be absorbed in the body and work slowly.

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